DSCN2382 - Copydiversophy® is the know-how needed to deal successfully with people of other backgrounds. It has about 50 games on doing business with various countries and has gone global in both the content, language versions and distribution. diversophy® has become the standard training and classroom format of the game.

diversophy® was first developed by George Simons from George Simons International in 1972 as a tool for training student assistants in university residences to handle conflicts and to coach younger students in the challenges and crises they faced in multicultural living situations. In 1992 in collaboration with MULTUS Inc., the game was redesigned and expanded as a tool for domestic diversity training in the USA.

The success of the game led almost immediately to the development of new card sets addressing domestic diversity issues such as Gender, Disability and Sexual Orientation in the US and Canada.

As sponsors of the 2008 Global Congress of SIETAR, George Simons International and the Bluepill Group created a SIETAR Intercultural Learning Center on the popular virtual world, Second Life, in which 19 playable samplers of diversophy were offered to visitors in English and in Spanish. Over 30,000 people have played these online games to date.

For more information, visit www.diversophy.com

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