Am I still US American? If so, how much?

Autoethnography is storytelling that connects us with ourselves & our world & then shapes both. Recently I started to do this for a project in which students JAMK are creating acculturation aids for migrants. I found it essential that they should reflect on their own stories regarding their personal & cultural unfolding. So I had to ante up. The account linked here is one look at my own story from a crossing cultures perspective, which I hope stimulates like sharing.

Next week Susan Salzbrenner & I will do a workshop on careers in intercultural work, a profession, which some say is on its way to extinction; others see it as critical to future collaboration. In any case, we hope to help students look at their own stories and draw from them the resources they need to make decisions and go forward. Of course this implies that both of us need to ante up and tell our own stories to model what we are asking them to do. Still working on that.

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