Art speaks in us and through us

Besides my work with Diversophy® game and intercultural specialisation of consulting and training, I have found joy in writing poems. To me, poems and stories call us into them, and remind us of who we are and of our connection with each other. I usually publish my poems on daily basic through my LinkedIn account. Up to this point, I have been blessed with inspiration and fortunate with encouragement by colleagues & friends, so that I successfully produce three flip books, three collection of all my poems: Summer Song, Autumn Harvest and Winter Wondering.

Changing season effect from spring to summer, lightens up in me a thought of sharing these reflection poems here. After all, this site does need to be ‘freshen up’. Summer will arrive soon before we realise it and so, let me also join the flow of excitement.

Summer Song. Collected Poems and Prattle.

Summer Song poem

George Simons.



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