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Hands on Learning Model

I have been remotely engaged with the Migrant project in the JAMK International Business program. Last week I was delighted and deeply moved by another student organized program at the U. of Bourgogne described below. I am hoping that as interculturalists we can encourage and support these new models of education in which students conceive, create, market and produce a learning product such as this. I would be delighted if others of you, engaged in similar ventures would report them here for our learning as well.

Such events like this is important to create opportunities for young people to get a first-hand grasp from those who are working in various parts of the intercultural field that they maybe contemplating as possible for them to enter.  There is an enormous amount of talent and energy, but so much information is flowing these days that it is almost impossible to maintain focus without feeling like one is missing out on other possibilities. This is affecting people at all ages, but particularly poignant because young people attempt to find at least temporary targets that are satisfying worker goals if not promising careers.

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