2.1 Evaluation Process

ID Card & SS#
Your social security number (SS#) is found on your ID card. The cash you earn will be collected at the end of the second day of class.
Minimum wage  
Each day of the program consists of 6 hours of class. You will be paid the US Federal Government minimum wage of $7.25 per hour of class attendance. This means that you will receive $87 for full on-time attendance (12 hours) at all sessions.
Unannounced lateness will be deducted (see the   bonuses and penalties chart below). If you know in advance that you will be late or absent, report it to one of the facilitators so that you can negotiate make-up time or activities and avoid being penalized.
Bonuses and penalties    
Your grade will also be affected by your ability to put US values into practice both as an individual and as a team player.
Your fellow classmates and teammates, as well as the seminar facilitators, may use dollars to motivate you either as incentives or penalties. You will be paid a cash advance of $25.00 upon arrival to use as you wish in these seminar activities.
The facilitators, the whole class and individual teams may develop norms and guidelines for rewards and penalties as the seminar proceeds. Below are examples of behaviors that will be awarded or penalized. Using US values of equality and fairness as well as playing by the rules will guide how we reward- penalize these behaviors.
Incentive behaviors, e.g.
"It's up to you--Take charge"
1.  Taking the   initiative   to   volunteer for an assignment.
per incident
2. Effective   active listening  (giving others   equal  time and letting them know that you understand them by reflecting what they say).
per incident
3.   Gatekeeping       (helping another classmate or teammate have   equal opportunity  to get into a discussion or activity).
per incident
Penalty behaviors are based on the US values: time is money, treating others fairly and equally, and respect for personal property (capitalism ).
"Time is money"
1.      Unannounced   lateness  for class or team commitment.
- $1.00
per minute
2. Missed class unit (quarter day) or team meeting.
- $25.00
per unit
Fair & equal treatment
3. Unwanted physical touching    after warning.
per incident
4. Inappropriate humor    (racist, sexist, or other derogatory jokes or comments).
per incident
Capitalism, personal property rights
5. Non-return     of borrowed learning tools, books, tapes, etc.
per item
6. Plagiarism    (taking information from the Internet or books without citing the author or referencing the source).
per incident
7. Lost Security ID tag & SS#
Requires security check for replacement (your personal ID or passport).
per incident
Law & Order--Security
9. Not wearing ID    after establishing identity.
per incident
10. If you are not a US citizen you will be required to show an  identity card  when asked. Failure to do so will be penalized.
per incident