3.1 Head Start
Here's a chance to score toward your grade even before class starts. These two activities will help you start earning before Day
Prepare a one page personal resume as if you were to apply for a job with a US firm.
Bring a paper copy of your completed resume to class on the first day or e- mail it to a facilitator  before the class starts and you will earn up to $25.00 as well as get feedback on how to present yourself in a US environment.
If you do this CV exercise after the first day of class you may receive up to $20.00.
Here is some resume advice--remember US resumes follow a different set of rules from European ones:
Really ambitious?   Read this History of the Resume. You can also earn up to $35 by presenting yourself by creating a video or other electronically enriched resume and posting it on YouTube and sending us the link, or mailing the video file itself  to a facilitator .  If you've never done something like this before, here is a bit of coaching advice about creating a video resume:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XV8m9GYcc_  Q&feature=related
Suggest questions that you would like to find answers to or discuss in this class. Send it to a facilitator  before the starting day of class and earn up to $10 on your score.
A number of assignments will require the use of Online resources. It is essential that you establish your connection to this program before the class starts.
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