JAMK 2014 Doing Business with the USA Jyväskylä: 6-7 November
Welcome to your seminar module   Business USA
In order to be ready for this learning experience, please be aware that this seminar is a simulated  environment--in addition to the subject matter discussed, much of what  you experience in the  classroom will have the same dynamics as you would experience working in a US American organization.
Your success in this seminar will depend on your ability to employ US values and ideals such as initiative and personal productivity, your willingness to take risks, to make and keep commitments, and to collaborate effectively as a team player on a diverse team.
Please prepare yourself before class begins by doing the following:
  • Read the module goals.
  • Become familiar with the evaluation process.
  • Prepare your agenda or calendar to meet the demands of our working plan. Please note that, in the US American workplace, work times are strictly observed, lateness is penalized and there may be luncheon meetings.
Reminder--Get a head start. Starting right now, you may do two things:
  • Create a USA style CV and/or read some observations on US culture and raise questions you would like to see dealt with in the seminar. See the information under Head Start
Address any other concerns or questions that you may have to one of the seminar facilitators .
Thank you. We look forward to working with you.
Your Facilitation Team