Articles by Dr. George Simons

European & US American Cultural Issues- How we stuck up in each other’s eyes EuroAmerMatrix

The Gifts of Feedback giftsFDbk

Be a Winner! A Current Constellation of Core US Values winner

Two Kinds of Cultures; Two Ways of Thinking Two Kinds of Cultures


Bellicose Veins


  • February: Patriotism? Too Much of a Good Thing? Co-Opted? You Bet! February03
  • March: Manifest Destiny- The Promised Land is everywhere! March03
  • April: Frontier Justice April03
  • May: Both Hands Full- A Case for Diversity in Thinking Patterns May03
  • June: The Dynamics of Defamation June03
  • July: High and Compelling Ideals- Are We Control Freaks August: “War for Peace”- And The Need to Swim Upstream July03
  • September: The Dark Angel of Abstraction September03
  • November: Testosterone Poisoning November03
  • December: Pillaging The Cultural Rainforest  December03
  • Wrap up 2003: Blowing The Whistle On Hijacked US Values Wrapup03



  • January: One Nation, Indivisible, Under God January04
  • February: Learning Nonviolent Communication February04
  • April: Patriots at Home April04
  • May: Boys Will Be Boys & Sometimes Girls Will Be Boys Mayr04
  • June: Our Passion For Passion June04
  • September: Stereotypes- Our Best Friends, Our Worst Enemies September04
  • October: Talk About Men & Politics, Before It’s Too Late October04
  • November: Suv Nation- Mine’s Bigger November04
  • December: Murder And The American Dream December04





Articles by Kati Volt

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