Cultural Diversity Fieldbook by Bob Abramms, George Simons, & Ann Hopkins 

Review by Monica Lee cdFieldbkRvw

 Cultural Diversity Sourcebook by Bob Abramms, George F. Simons 

Competencia Global by Assumpta Aneas, George Simons, Jonamay Lambert, Selma Myers

EuroDiversity: A business guide to managing difference by George F. Simons 

Review by PHILIP R. HARRIS, Ph.D., management psychololgist and author of LaJolla, California EuroDivHarrisreview

Men and Women: Partners at Work by George F. Simons

Review by Marianne Becktel, President, The Bay Group,
Bay City, Michigan PartnersPairs

Putting Diversity to Work by Simma Lieberman, Simons George, Kate Berardo 

Review by David C. Wigglesworth, Ph.D. putdivwkreview-3

Questions of Diversity by George F. Simons, Bob Abramms

Sexual Orientation in the Workplace by by Amy J. Zuckerman, George F. Simons  

Review by The Flame, American Society for Training and Development SexOrASTDrev

Review by David Wigglesworth SexOrientRev

Transcultural Leadership by Carmen Vazquez, George F. Simons, Philip R. Harris  

Review by Philip R. Harris, Harris International Ltd LaJolla, California & Janice C. Hepworth, University Centers, Inc. Denver, Colorado TranscultLdrRev

Working Together by George F. Simons 

Review by Kate Berardo WTreview

Working Together II by George F. Simons 



Cultural Detective® Belarus 

Cultural Detective® Global Teamwork

Cultural Detective® Netherlands

Cultural Detective® The Return

Cultural Detective® Self Discovery

Cultural Detective® Turkey

Cultural Detective® Women & Men

Cultural Detective® USA



Seven Gifts of Feedback giftsFDbk

Transcultural Communicator tcom


Men and Women Partners at Work: Video Training Kit

Men and Women: Video Training Kit

Not My Type (UK Video Training Kit)

Working Together I: Video Training Kit

Working Together II: Video Training Kit



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